PEIAA General Information - The last struggle

From the PII-EII Book (1995)

"Identity, the reason to light a little candle. International cooperation,
the vision to keep it shining.

We were very sorry when the Eindhoven International Institute (EII), the successor of Philips International Institute (PII), was closed in May 1994. Nevertheless it was better to light a little candle, the PII-EII International Alumni Association, than curse the darkness. The main reason behind the foundation of the Alumni Association was to maintain our identity and keep our contacts alive, not allowing PII-EII, part of our lives, to remain in the darkness.

I am very pleased that it was possible to join a group of enthusiastic former students in Eindhoven to start the Association. The incentive from EII, Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE) and Philips was great. I have to thank specially our Advisory Board for its collaboration. It is also very rewarding to receive so many positive reactions from the former students all round the world. Thanks for your support.

We are now updating the data base of the Association and we can see that PII-EII has done a superb work in its 37 years of existence. The fruits of its labour (the alumni) can be found in some of the most senior and strategic positions of many national and international organisations as well as research/educational institutes all over the world. There are some 800 former students in about 80 countries. An incredible international network that our Alumni Association wants to maintain.

Our past is linked to Philips International Institute and Eindhoven International Institute. We were selected from different countries for an international programme in The Netherlands. We have not only learned about Electronic Technology and performed a project within Philips, but also experienced Dutch society and had a taste of each other's cultures. A rewarding experience that will accompany us for the rest of our lives.

It is amazing to realise that we form a very special Association, perhaps unique in the world. Not only a truly international one (800 people in 80 countries) but also a surprising mixture of age, backgrounds, languages and cultures.

Our Association is going to help us keep our links and contacts. We could find the address of an old friend or make contacts with Philips or TUE. But it could be more than that.

Key elements for our Association are synergy, mutual cooperation and international network. Our most important asset is ourselves, linked by an international network and we have it right now. The Association is establishing a platform to facilitate these contacts, promoting the exchange of ideas and mutual cooperation at international level. Practical examples of these possibilities for our members could be to offer/look for international scholarships or job opportunities; make contact with a certain country or company; or in fact open doors for cultural and business opportunities in general.

Our vision is international cooperation. The possibilities and opportunities are there. The little candle is shining and the future is up to us.

Bruno K. Kajiyama Campaner
Chairman of the provisional Steering Committee
PII-EII International Alumni Association