PEIAA Conference Argentine - 2016

Presentations of the Speakers

  1. KeyNote Speech : "Eindhoven University of Technology - Institute for Photonic INtegration and Photon Delta " (3.0MB)
    Prof. Dr. Ir. Ton Backx, CEO of the Photonics Institute - Department of Electrical Engineering - TUE, Netherlands
  2. Video Part 1, Video Part 2, Video Part3

  3. 30 years of Evolution of the Communications Industry" (3.2MB)
    Luis Martin Propato, PII- 89, Director for South Latin America, Spain and Portugal, APEX Voice Communications, Argentine
  4. Video Part 1, Video Part 2

  5. An Innovation Path: From my PII Days down to sunny Spain (5.5MB)
    Pierre Yves Plaza Ton, PII - 86, Senior Specialist - IoT, TELEFONICA, Spain

  6. The analog integration race that helped fuel the wireless revolution (1.4MB)
    Gabriel J. Gomez, PII- 87, MCU Analog Dallas Design Manager, Texas Instruments, Incorporated, USA

  7. "Company merging & acquisitions" (9.6MB)
    Merging and Acquisitions: company transformation and impact on employee identity, paper (0.04MB)
    Senior Support Engineer NXP Semiconductors, PII-87, Italy

  8. Philips Lighting Video
    Guillermo Pasina, Architect, Lighting Designer and LIAs Philips Manager, Philips, Argentine

  9. Holland Alumni Network: Linking Knowledge Worldwide, (6.4MB)
    Ana Maria Rey Martinez,Communications Advisor/Regional Liaison Officer Latin America, Netherlands

  10. Netherlands Alumni Associations (3.3MB)
    Diana Rosenberg, Vice President of ACANEB, Argentine
  11. Video

Other Videos

Sharing Experiences 2016 in Pictures

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