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  • 2006/05/12: Mr. C. Mario Pizarro (PII 1959/60) has asked us to inform you about his book "The Piagui Musical Scale: Perfecting Harmony"
  • 2005/12/05: E-letter December 2005 is published Here
  • 2005/08/31: Minutes of the meeting between ACANEB, TU/e and PEIAA on August 31 2005; Minutes Visitor Program
  • 2005/08/31: Program for the visit of Gabriel Pardi to Eindhoven, on August 31 2005; Visitor Program
  • 2003/11/16: PEIAA minutes of the informal dinner, held at "Restaurant Boon", on November 16th 2003; Minutes_11-16-2003
  • 2003/09/21: First PEIAA meeting minutes; Minutes_09-21-2003
  • 2003/09/21: First PEIAA news letter; PIIEII_News_letter_200305